Saturday, August 22, 2009

Step Two

Step Two: Falling through the inner hole.

First: Congratulations! If you’ve made it to Step two, rest assured that the hardest part is behind you. By solving the first step you’ve learned all you need to know about the physics of the 360.

But, before we begin the next step, let’s first recap what we know so far.

The middle sphere’s axis is through the black knobs. By aligning this axis vertically the counterweight of the middle sphere points horizontally. By aligning this axis horizontally, the counterweight of the middle sphere points down.

The inner sphere’s axis is attached to the middle sphere and is diagonally offset when compared to the axis of the middle sphere (those two clear knobby things).

You might have also noticed that when the black knobs are horizontal, the inner sphere’s counterweight also points down- this is VERY important in upcoming steps- so keep it in mind.

So, now that you understand how the 360 works, it’s time to get a ball out of the inner sphere.

At this point the balls should all be pointing down (thanks to gravity!), the inner sphere’s counterweight should be pointing horizontally, and the hole should also be horizontal.

Step two involves moving the 360 so that a ball falls into the hole. This is perhaps the easiest step but be wary! Once more there is a Shaky-Shaky solution. But let's not resort to the dreaded Shaky-Shaky. Instead, your goal is to figure out how to turn the 360 so that the hole points down, and a ball can fall through the hole. This can be accomplished in one motion.

When you have a ball through the hole, you are ready to go on to Step Three!

Hint #1: Think horizontal black knobs and vertical black knobs. Right now your knobs should be vertical. What happens when you position them horizontally?

Hint#2: Tehehe: you had to redo Step One, didn’t you? Keep on repeating Hint #1 until you figure out how to change from vertical to horizontal without having to start back at Step One.

Hint #3: Slow and steady! And- stop following hint #1 exactly, experiment with it...

Still stuck? Scroll down for the Spoiler Solution:

Spoiler Solution Step Two: Turn the 360 so that the uppermost black knob points towards the inner sphere's hole. Go slow, and be careful not to let the knobs become totally horizontal. A ball should slip into the hole. Remember! Shaky-shaky is evil!

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