Saturday, August 22, 2009

Step Four

Step Four: Falling into a Gateway

Yay! The hardest steps are behind you. Steps four and five are so simple, you can probably figure them out without this guide.

But just in case…

At this point you have successfully moved a ball from the inner sphere to the outer sphere. All that is left is moving it into a dome. To do this you must first have the ball fall into a gateway.

*Make sure the gateways are closed. It is possible to get a ball into a dome without first closing the gateway, but you can only do this for the first ball of each hemisphere- after which, balls already in a dome will fall out… Just get into the habit of keeping your gateways closed. To close a gateway turn the knob clockwise.
*Also- from this step onward- don’t turn the 360 so that the knobs are horizontal- unless you want to start over, that is…

Ready: Step Five awaits!

Hint #1: Make sure the hemisphere with the ball is on the bottom. If it is not, flip the 360 QUICKLY! So that the hemisphere is now on the bottom. This will make life much easier.

Hint #2:
Make sure to keep the knobs perfectly vertical. This will prevent the middle sphere from spinning.

Hint #3: Keep the knobs vertical, rotate the 360 until the ball is in line with a gateway.

Scroll down for Spoiler Solution:

Spoiler Solution Step Four:
Keeping the knobs perfectly vertical, turn the 360 until the ball in the outer sphere is in line with a gateway. Tip the 360 so that the ball falls into the gateway. Again, just like with every other falling step, simply tilt the top black knob towards the gateway you want the ball to fall into. This should be a very subtle motion- too much tipping will not work and just send the middle sphere spinning.

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