Saturday, August 22, 2009

Step Six

Step Six: Solving correctly.

Following steps 1-5 you should be able to get a ball from the inner sphere and into a dome.

Now it’s time to practice. While you practice start paying attention to colors and try to figure out how to get a colored ball into its correct dome.

When you get a ball in the correct dome, close the gateway and start again with the next ball. Repeat until you are done- and then show off the completed puzzle to whoever is closest. If they are not properly wowed- pat yourself on the back.

*Remember- once you have a ball in the correct dome- close the gateways by turning the knob counter-clockwise otherwise the ball will fall out when you try and get another ball into its dome.

Hint #1: Remember ROY and BUUG? To get a ball into its proper dome, you need to keep ROY and BUG in mind during step #2.

Hint #2: When performing step #2, look at what hemisphere is on the bottom. You want one of those colors to fall through the hole.

Hint #3: When trying to catch a ball in a gateway, pay attention to how the knobs turn. Make sure the gateway you trap the ball in is the one that, when turned, will allow the ball to drop into the proper dome.

No Spoilers for this one, either… Use the hints- and be able to honestly say that you figured out how to solve the 360 on your own!

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  1. A lot of people have been talking about the 360... This means I should get one soon o.O?

    Will use this guide when I get my 360 ;D