Saturday, August 22, 2009

Step One

Step One: Inverting the Inner Sphere
To begin, study the 360 and experiment with different positions until you discover out how to hold the 360 so that the middle sphere’s counterweight does not face down. When you find this position, play with the 360 until you figure out how to move it so that the inner sphere inverts.

Once you’ve mastered inverting the inner sphere you are ready to go on to Step Two.

If you are having trouble figuring out this step use the hints below.
Hint #1: Pay attention to where the black knobs are pointing. Remember that the middle sphere has a horizontal axis that runs through the black knobs.

Hint #2: Where is the middle sphere’s counterweight when you hold the 360 with the black knobs pointed left and right? Where is the counterweight when you hold the 360 so that the black knobs point up and down?

Hint #3: You should not have to shake the 360 in order to make the inner sphere invert. You can bring the middle sphere’s counterweight to a horizontal position by simply changing the position of the axis (from horizontal to vertical). Now all you need to do is figure out how to turn the 360 so that the inner sphere’s counterweight moves to a horizontal position.

Hint #4:
When the middle sphere’s counterweight is horizontal, where is the counterweight of the inner sphere? The key to inverting the inner sphere is making the counterweight of the inner sphere move away from a downward position.

Hint #5: The inner sphere's counterweight's movement is controlled by the inner sphere's axis. Play with the alignment of the inner sphere's axis.

If you are still stuck, scroll down for the Step One Spoiler:

Spoiler Step One:

-Hold the 360 so that the black knobs are vertical (point up and down). Wait until the spheres stop moving and come to a rest. Then, turn the 360 so that upward facing black knob is now pointing downward. This does NOT have to be done quickly. In fact, the more balls you have in the inner sphere, the slower you must do this step. If it does not work make sure that the black knobs are vertical, that the middle and inner spheres are not moving, and make sure you do the flip in one smooth movement. If it still is not working, look at the inner sphere, there are two clear knobs jutting off of it and connecting it to the middle sphere. Make sure, when you flip the 360, the black knobs flip between these two clear knobs.


  1. Hey,,, i have done this step 10 or 11 tymes but every time the counter wieght of the smallest sphere point sin southwest direction and is not perfectly horizontal

  2. uh how do you get it more smoothly into it it keeps rolling and it is just making me mad

  3. My friend let me borrow this because i have and have solved every other 'cube'... THIS IS SO IRRITATING!!!!!! please tell me how instead of "just try to do this"

  4. This Good

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  6. This is pretty easy, but the orientation of the ball to the dome is a little irritating.